Consumer Products


Product development can be a complex journey, encompassing everything from conceptualization to design, engineering, prototyping, and ultimately bringing the product to market. Having a partner like Corvus with expertise in guiding clients through each step of our 5 Phase process can be invaluable for inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies alike.

It’s crucial to have a team that understands the nuances of various product categories, whether it’s soft goods, plastics, or electro-mechanical devices. Each type of product comes with its own set of challenges and requirements, and having specialists who are well-versed in these areas can help streamline the development process and ensure that the end result meets both functional and aesthetic objectives.

Furthermore, the commitment to personalized attention and collaboration is key. Every product and every client is unique, and tailoring solutions to meet their specific needs and goals is essential for success. By working closely with clients, understanding their vision, and leveraging expertise in design and engineering, Corvus can help turn ideas into reality while enriching the world with innovative and impactful products.

Overall, Corvus offers a comprehensive and client-focused approach to consumer product development, which can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to bring their ideas to life.

AS9100D & ISO 9001 Corvus Engineering has achieved AS9100D & ISO 9001 certification from NSF-ISR. The scope of these certifications include Design, Engineering, CNC Machining and Prototyping. These certifications ensure a framework of quality, continual improvement and access to best practices across many industries.

Corvus Engineering embodies a holistic approach to product development, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients across various industries. From product investigation, market research, conceptual design, prototyping, and to technical release pack our expertise spans the entire product development lifecycle.

Conceptual Design

Corvus Engineerings team of designers utilizes creativity and innovation to develop initial product designs that align with client visions and market demands. Corvus assists clients in transforming napkin sketches, patents, or abstract ideas into tangible concepts so our clients can realize their ideas as a reality.

Engineering Consulting

Corvus Engineering provides a deep understanding of engineering principles and industry best practices and valuable insights and guidance throughout the development process. Corvus ensures that product designs are technically feasible, optimized for performance, and compliant with relevant industry standards and regulations for our Clients.

Fabrication Excellence

Corvus Engineering fabrication facilities and skilled craftsmen are capable of bringing designs to life with precision, attention to detail, and quality. Whether it’s machining components, welding assemblies, or crafting prototypes, Corvus prioritizes excellence in fabrication to deliver superior results to our Clients.

CNC Capabilities

Corvus Engineering leverages advanced 5 Axis CNC machining technology to deliver precise and efficient manufacturing solutions. Corvus offers the capability to produce complex parts and prototypes for you, and we do so with speed and accuracy, reducing lead times and enhancing overall project efficiency for our clients.

Prototyping Capabilities

Corvus Engineering provides rapid prototyping which is a crucial step in the product development process, allowing for iterative testing and refinement of designs to prove a concept, iterate, assure it is DFM ready, and that the project is ready for technical release. Corvus Engineering offers prototyping services that enable our clients to visualize, evaluate, and iterate on their concepts quickly, leading to faster development cycles and superior final products.

Market and Patent Research

Corvus Engineering determines market trends and provides intellectual property landscape, which is essential for successful product commercialization. Corvus collects and interprets comprehensive market and patent research to inform and recommend product development strategies, identify competitive advantages, and maximize commercial potential for our clients.

Specialized Expertise

Corvus Engineering is a talented group of designers, engineers and specialists with diverse backgrounds and expertise in various product categories, including soft goods, plastics, and electro-mechanical devices. Corvus offers specialized knowledge that allows us to address the unique challenges associated with different product requirements effectively for our clients.

Client-Centric Approach

Corvus Engineering prioritizes personalized attention and collaboration, recognizing that every client and product is unique. Corvus works closely with clients, listening to their needs, and providing tailored solutions that align with their goals and objectives.