Case Study: SuperGrip – The Most Ergonomic Autoglass Suction Cup on the Market


GT Tools, based in Durango, Colorado, is a long-time customer of Corvus Engineering. GT Tools manufactures products for the automotive, auto glass, and glass industries. PC Lauinger, VP of GT Tools, reached out to Corvus Engineering to redesign a suction cup handle. They aimed to introduce something new and exciting to the market, focusing on improving aesthetics and ergonomics while maintaining GT Tools’ high standard of quality. The Corvus team worked on the development of this product from initial sketch through to manufacturing.


GT Tools wanted to introduce a superior suction cup to the market. Most products on the market are simple, without much thought given to user comfort. GT Tools aimed to create a product that both looked and felt amazing to hold.

Key Challenges

Designing the handle to be injection moldable with an over-molded rubber texture while maintaining crucial design features and tolerances required for an airtight suction cup was a significant challenge. Much time was spent on concept designs to ensure the look aligned with GT Tools’ branding. Prototyping efforts were essential to fine-tune the ergonomics.


To tackle these challenges, Corvus Engineering employed a comprehensive approach:

  • Sketches and 3D Modeling: Initial designs and detailed 3D models were created to visualize the concept.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Simulations: These tools were used to analyze the product’s dynamics and overall strength.
  • 5-Phase Process: The development process followed Corvus’s 5-Phase process: Product Investigation, Conceptual Design, Prototyping, Final Engineering, and Support Manufacturing.


The end result was a highly successful product that has been well received by both the Corvus and GT Tools teams. The SuperGrip has been a significant success for GT Tools, praised for its ergonomic design and user-friendly features.


“Parker and his team at Corvus Engineering have been an invaluable resource to our Design & Engineering teams over the past 5 years. Their vast experience with CAD modeling, Injection Molding, and rapid prototyping, while always bringing unique solutions to the table, is something that you just don’t see everywhere these days. We will continue to work with them on all of our R&D projects.”

PC Lauinger, VP of GT Tools

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