Case Study: AutoSpout – Revolutionizing Rainwater Management


Rusten Gomez, the founder of AutoSpout, was frustrated with traditional downspouts that were too close to his home, causing flooding and pooling around the foundation. Determined to find a better solution, Rusten envisioned an auto-retractable downspout that would address these issues. He reached out to us at Corvus Engineering to bring his innovative idea to life.


AutoSpout needed to be:

  • Compact, folding neatly into the downspout.
  • Durable enough to withstand high winds.
  • UV resistant and paintable to blend with users’ homes.

Key Challenges

Designing the AutoSpout presented several challenges:

  • Ensuring the product was watertight.
  • Creating a counterweight system that allowed the downspout to lower with minimal rainwater and spring back up when the rain stopped.


To tackle these challenges, Corvus Engineering employed a comprehensive approach:

  • Sketches and 3D Modeling: Initial designs and detailed 3D models were created to visualize the concept.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Simulations: These tools were used to analyze the product’s dynamics and overall strength.
  • Collaboration with Manufacturers: We developed a unique living hinge design, enabling the AutoSpout to be molded as a single part while keeping crucial areas watertight.


The end result was the successful creation of the AutoSpout. Rusten has sold thousands of units and recently secured a place for his product in a well-known big-box store, marking the beginning of a promising commercial journey.




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